About Us

IMG_2133Luis’s Taqueria was founded by Luis and Luisa Quintero. The couple moved to California from Michoacan, Mexico, in pursuit of a better life. Luis worked in various jobs from the california fields to construction to a Dairy just to name a few. Luisa always helped by working seasonal field work and then as the children came along she became a stay home mom. But it wasn’t until September of 1989 that the couple decided to move to Oregon. Desperate to have something of their own they decide to open a Mexican Bakery in Newberg, Oregon. It was a small grocery store but also sold food to-go. Their menu wasn’t as extensive as it is now, but it was a start they always said.

The couple knows what they want and most important what their customers want. “Hopefully we will make the Taqueria become even more successful and be it well known throughout. So that my parents can be proud that I followed their footsteps, and show them that everything they taught me is well shown through our work and success.” says Lourdes. The other two children whom were always at the counters taking orders and greeting their customers are now grown men which have gone their separate ways in pursuit of their own dreams. As you can see we have come a long way and have worked really hard as a family to make Luis’s Taqueria become what it is now.about-us